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Nina really is the ultimate damsel in distress of the transgendered world as you will see if you join her site which is full of high quality videos and photos of Nina and her friends depicting extreme bondage,domination, humiliation,sploshing or WAM, breath-play, mummification, zentai, corporal punishment and sado masochism all done for your viewing pleasure.

Nina is often bagged or made to wear all sorts of breathing hoods, The videos contain many forms of extreme breathplay which have to be seen to be believed
Nina is constantly tied up in endless ways and positions often suspended and gagged with many extreme mouth packing gags,struggling or played with
Nina is often face sat full weight by females and trans girls in many different positions and ties, Shes also used as human furniture
Nina has many sploshing films on the site and is often covered in food or mud even soaked in water fully dressed,Sometimes dunked or pied and more

Nina is always naughty as a schoolgirl,little girl ot just a grown woman who need spanking,paddling and caning ofen very hard and long until she's very sore
Nina is often tied,gagged and then mummified in many layers of tape,pallet wrap or nylons, Often she wers full zentai suts before being encased
Nina is often used and abused as a slave girl and also turned into a human pony and humiliated by being made to pull carts in heels and treated like an animal